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10 Reasons why you should Download Buyam

11 Apr 2023

Buyam is an innovative e-commerce app that offers a wide range of products at competitive prices, making it an ideal solution for people looking for a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. In this essay, we will discuss how helpful Buyam can be to you and the reasons why you should download and use it.

Guaranteed security

Buyam has legally verified vendors whose localization plans are well known and traceable by Buyam. For any shop to be registered on Buyam, it must provide the following documents: a business license approved by the state government a tax payer card, a sales tax license, a localization document of the shop and a confidential agreement. All these makes it possible for Buyam to trace & cut off any business accused of dubbing others

Buyam has also provided a chance for you to call up the vendor or even video chart the vendor on WhatsApp before making a purchase and to top it all Buyam will always re-emboss any users who falls prey to the dubious act. Moreover, Buyam employs advanced security measures to protect customer data and prevent fraud. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that their personal and financial information is safe and secure. 

Unlimited Categories of products/Services

Buyam has a plethora of products and services for consumers to choose from, ranging from electronics & Health to fashion, household items, groceries, Livestock, automobile, Schools and more. Our platform has a vast inventory of quality products from various verified sellers, which ensures that customers can easily find what they are looking for. Thus, by downloading Buyam, consumers have unlimited access to an extensive range of products from various sellers within a few clicks.

Ability to Make Requests

Buyam offers you the ability to request for products and services from all over the world. It doesn’t just end at requesting, Buyam helps to process the requests, provide vendors that can readily supply and equally helps in the outsourcing delivery agents who bring your products right to your doorstep.  There’s no limit to what can be requested on Buyam, be it the smallest of food to the biggest mansions. 

Buyam as a search Engine

Buyam can be used as a product/service search engine, to find products, prices of products or just to find nearby shops around you. Shops on Buyam often upload products and prices on regular basis that is reflective of the market situation. You can simply open Buyam to find out how much a pair of joggers cost before heading to a nearby shop, to avoid being overpriced. You can equally use Buyam to search for new or trending products in the market.

Conveniences in Shopping

Another compelling reason to download and use Buyam is the convenience it offers. Customers can shop for products anytime and anywhere, using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. This means that they can avoid the hassle of going to physical stores, dealing with crowds, and waiting in long queues. Instead, they can browse through our app and buy products with ease.

Besides saving time, Buyam helps to save money since many vendors are in competition and seek to sell, it is clear that you will find vendors willing to sell at cheaper prices.

Pinpoint fertile Business grounds/sectors

You can use Buyam to outsource business booming sectors and centres in order to invest or set up your own Business.  It is possible to pinpoint this by analysing the number of shops gearing toward a particular category of products for instance 80% of the shops might be into beauty and cosmetics that proves it’s a lucrative business sector.  You can invest in this sector or choose to find a growing one.

Also, Buyam makes it possible for you to know the location of all verified shops and service providers. This can be very useful data if you wish to set up a business. Most businesses usually cluster around a good market environment, so by knowing locations of businesses via Buyam, you can pinpoint a booming ground to set your business up.  

Ability to sell your own Services to over 50,000 people

Buyam offers you the ability to sell your services to thousands of people. Everyone has a skill set they can exchange for money and Buyam has made it possible for its users to sell themselves. Be it as farmers, content creators, artists, secretaries, graphic designers, web developers etc. its worth noting that Buyam create your online shop where you can display samples of what you can do or have done. It’s a fact that everything that can be exchanged for money can be digitised.

Ease of usability and user friendliness

Another reason why people should download Buyam is because of its excellent user experience. The Buyam platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a modern and attractive design. The interface is optimized to ensure that it works perfectly on all devices. Additionally, Buyam is designed with the latest security protocols, ensuring that customers’ sensitive information is secure while making transactions.

To top it all, one doesn’t need to be tech inclined to use the app. Its user friendly interphase makes it easily navigable and can be used by anyone. It has possibilities to change languages, Categories to simply tap on instead of manually searching, Call up and chat with the vendor directly, share valuable information from the app etc.

Local plantain vendors

Consume Home based Tech Products

If you wish to see Africa thrive in terms of technology and E-commerce, it would be nice to start by consuming your own home made Tech products. Hence downloading an app like Buyam will be promoting tech start-ups in Africa. This will be an attempt at showing that you can trust your fellow Africans to create something worth consuming.

A Chance to be part & involved in the Tech creation process

Buyam gives everyone a chance to chip in their ideas on how the app can be renovated upon to better suit their shopping habits.  This makes it possible for everyone, even the non tech inclined to add value to our piece of tech Buyam, by sharing innovative ideas that go a long way to affect not just the user interphase or front end but affect the backend as well. This can be a start in their tech journeys.

Excellent customer Service

Lastly, customer support is the core of our services. We have a dedicated team readily available to assist customers, answer queries and register complaints. Our platform has a section for customers to give feedback, which helps us to improve and optimize our services further. By downloading Buyam, customers are assured of excellent customer service.

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