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We understand that so many people are looking for ways to monetize their time be it online or offline, that's why we are constantly working on ways to empower just about anyone to make money with Buyam.

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Check out our ongoing affiliate programs below, apply and start making money with Buyam.

Buyam Freelance Program
Easy, get people in your community to install Buyam

As part of the Buyam Freelance Affiliate program, you`ll have to to do 2 things

How it Works

  1. Get People to install the Buyam App in their phones
  2. Prospect and convince vendors, shops around you or service providers to install the Buyam App

Your Reward/Payment:

You`ll earn 100F per install and 4000F for each vendor

Buyam Student Ambassador Program
Become a Brand ambassador for Buyam in your School

As a student brand ambassador, you will get to represent Buyam in your school and earn a monthly stipend while at it!

How it Works

  1. Get 200 students in your school to install the Buyam app per month
  2. Prospect and convince 5 new vendors around your school to register and sell on Buyam every month

Your Reward/Payment:

You`ll earn 20,000F or more Monthly

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