Find Products Around You

Easily find any product on Buyam and specify how close to you the seller should be, so you can easily meet and buy from them.

Browse By Categories

You can search for a product by selecting an appropriate category to get a list of all vendors selling that product.

Chat and Bargain

Found what you’re looking for? Pull up a chair, interact with the vendor, and negotiate the price of the product like you’d normally do in a shop.

Discover and Connect
With Verified Vendors on Whatsapp.

And get the same experience you get when buying from a shop.

On Buyam, you can now interact with a seller the same way you would do in a shop: bargain the price, and get the best deal for the product--all while being online!

Bargain before purchase

Don’t just pull out the money and pay for the product. Instead, pull up a chair and let the bidding begin!

Verified and Trusted Vendors

Vendors on Buyam go through a rigorous verification process to ensure any seller you’re chatting with is a real merchant.

Easy to Use
Mobile Experience

Buying online should be fun as it should be easy. We built Buyam to give you this experience so you can easily find just the product you’re looking for.

Search or Browse

Buyam makes it easy to find any product online. You can use the advanced search feature or if you need more options to choose from, you can browse by category.

Call or Chat to Buy

Once you’ve found the right product, Buyam makes it easy to buy. Choose between calling the vendor directly or connecting with the vendor on WhatsApp to buy.

Data Driven Product

We use data to recommend the best products from our trusted vendors.

Our A.I. understands your preferences and intent, and picks the right products to show you from our vendor catalog.

Say goodbye to generic product recommendations.

Choose between trending, new, highly-rated products

See what products are trending now that fit your budget