Buyam Security

100% safety and security commitment.

We want you to buy online freely, make the most of your time, and discover products and vendors most relevant to you. That's why at Buyam we are committed to making the overall experience safe and secure for our users.

How Security is Incorporated into the Experience
Online and Offline Verification (KYC)

Every vendor on Buyam goes through strict legal and physical verification before approval. We developed an industry-standard KYC process with inspiration from the banking and telecom industries. By verifying every vendor, we ensure that our users are protected as they go about shopping.

End to End Encryption

All communications, transactions, and data processing happening on Buyam are end-to-end encrypted. We have adopted Sha-1 and Sha-256 algorithms that ensure the security of data in the overall platform

Secured OTP Authentication

Buyam authenticates every user by centering account creation around phone number verification and validation. With validated phone numbers, we can easily work with telco partners to legally authenticate every user of our platform.

Expert Support and Assitance

We have a team available 24/7 to attend to user complaints, mediate and resolve them as soon as possible. You can rest assured that your dealings with Buyam will always be secure and reliable.

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